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DAY 21

launch day yesterday.Thanks to everyone who made the vision a reality.

Especially Mark and the build crew,Dalkey Rowing Club for allowing us use their boatshed, family and friends who tolerated all that talk of cutting, sanding,steaming bending, fairing etc.,

DAY 20

ready for the water

red tips on the oars, a little nod to Dalkey Rowing Club's boatshed where she began her journey, thanks guys!

DAY 19

nearly there folks, just a few more bits of painting. we got the lifejackets in Viking Marine today

DAY 18

she gets her first taste of fresh Dalkey air

DAY 17

boat skinned, heat treated, then 3 coats of blackjack. 1 more tomorrow.oars varnished. 

DAY 16

more sanding.foot boards in place.looking great

DAY 15

Cinching the copper nails from underneath(over 300 of them)

DAY 14

Mark checking all those laths.you can see the copper nails which will be cinched tomorrow

DAY 13

you can see today the stringers running lengthwise have been put in place with copper nails.

DAY 12

the difference each day is much more visible. The sound of sanding is very soothing! here you can see the oak ribs have been bent over a temporary frame.

DAY 11

what an amazing day! She has gone from looking like separate pieces of wood to looking like a graceful fish

DAY 10

lovely bow stanchions in place

splicing the bow gunwales today

DAY 8 and 9

making sure the line is straight from bow to stern

the upward curve of the bow gunwale

DAY 7 of the build will be next Wed the 15th May

the Lonesome Boatshed.no building until next week.


waiting for glue and nails! the bent bow gunwhales are clamped and stored upright in background on the left of picture.

replacing a split gunwhale


sanding down a knee, cut out from Galway oak


making the template for the knees 


a lovely boat shape on the floor courtesy of Mark and James today

Day 2

sanding laths, making stanchions and other things I can't pronounce!

Day 1.We have a shed,some wood and Mark Redden. Let the games begin!

Mark Redden has arrived and the work is underway.you can follow it here with regular updates and photos

video clip on Vimeo

Geraldine Creed of Creedo productions made a video which includes the fundraising cakesale and heritage walk.


We have a shed at last!

It was'nt possible to find a suitable public space in Dalkey for the build. Thankfully Dalkey Rowing Club have very generously allowed Mark and the team to use their boatshed in Dalkey. However there won't be public access, but we will post pictures as the build progresses to the public launch and BIG party on June the 1st!

Mark in Dalkey next week

Great news. Mark in Dalkey right now! The rough plan is
Monday 29th April - Buy wood, get it to workshop. Set up.
30 - Cutting
1 - Cutting
2 - Piecing gunwales together
3 - Gunwales, bend bow gunwales
4 - Gunwales, get started on oars
5 - Gunwales
6 - Gunwales

7 - 13 Mark with Norwegian gathering
group can prepare ribs and laths in absence
finish gunwales, cut out oars.

14 - Prepare ribs for steaming
15 - Steam ribs
16 - Steam ribs
17 - Laths
18 - Laths
19 - Laths
20 - Laths
21 - Laths

22 - 30 Skin boats and finish oars.


Afloat Magazine

really good article in Afloat.ie  It captures the mood of the project perfectly. Thanks Jehan!
Also thanks to endlessly patient staff in Reads Dunlaoghaire as I mutter and mumble about A3 or A2 or A5????

Mark in Barcelona

Mark was busy in Barcelona on Saturday at the 5th Mediterranean Currach Regatta.here's a link to a previous Barcelona launch. you can see what our Dalkey currachs should look like

Copperhouse Gallery,Robertsin Dalkey,Cafe de la Gare

many thanks to Evelyn van Beeck for putting up a poster in her special little cafe at Killiney Dart station. And thanks to Peter Roberts for doing the same in Dalkey.
got a mail from Leszek Wolnik of Fire and The Copperhouse gallery. He loves the project, check out the amazing prints on this website.

Naomh Beagnait

found an Irish adviser on top of Lugnaquilla (Log na Coille) in the mist yesterday. big thanks to Brian O Raghallaigh for giving me the correct spelling for our lovely currachs. They will be Naomh Beagnait 1 (agus) 2. Brian is ag caint as Gaeilge gach la, unlike myself these days.
winds from the NorthEast tonight, gusting 25knots.Have to get into the sea lingo before June!

Cobra Electronics

these sound great, even to a landlubber like me!
Cobra Electronics very generously donated marine VHF radios to put in the kitty for a raffle, many thanks Jean-Louis

Cuala GAA Club

 a big thanks to John Treacy(great singer!) for putting us in touch with Cuala. Check out the link below, something is bound to appeal to you!


Simon Dalton artwork

Simon has done an amazing job with the montage and logo. just another meet up in Dalkey to collect the CD over next few days!

Maritime archaeology

met Darina Tully maritime archaelogist yesterday. She is an is an expert on Irish traditional boats and is a member of the Irish Underwater Archaeological Research Team. She is very interested in the currach build and has offered to bring her own skin boat to Dalkey in May.

Met the currach maestro himself!

great to meet Mark Redden in person for the first time this week. have been in touch by mail since last August.! a quick stop in Dublin between Tasmania and Barcelona. What country has this guy not built a currach in?
met wonderful librarian in Dalkey, really enthusiastic about project. talked of involving kids in model making and more.

We have a shed,well nearly

We have 2 possible sites available in the centre of town.

T shirts for the crew

Sophie Shanley of Shanley textile printing Co. are doing bespoke hand painted t shirts for the crew on launch day

Dalkey Business Group

have generously donated 150 Euro. much appreciated. We hope the launch day will bring extra footfall to the town on June the 1st.

Parish of The Assumption

thank you guys for a generous donation of 500 Euro..One set of oars will be inscribed with the parish name.

Funding our project

Cake sale this this Sunday morning Our Lady's Hall(Dalkey main street). 930 till 1230, or until cakes are gone
*:) happy

Also at 230pm, I'll lead a heritage walk from Killiney DART station which I did last year for National Trails Day


Also you can contact me at begnetsboats@yahoo.ie to donate money in return for rewards below


A signed copy of St.Begnet's cookbook.

€50 +

Join the crew for dinner one nominated evening in May, for a nosh up from the cook book. Plus a signed copy of St.Begnet's cookbook. 

€75 +

How about coming down and getting stuck in to the actual build? This reward is a 3hour session working alongside the build crew under the direction of resident artist and boatbuilder Mark Redden

€100 +

Using the themes of craftwork, landscape and currachs Simon Dalton has created an original montage of artwork.  You will receive a signed poster of the montage.

€500 +

your name, or the name of your school, organisation or business inscribed on a set of oars. Each boat is rowed by a crew of 3, so these unique rewards are limited to 6.

€1000 +

How would you to like to be the one to pour the bottle of stout over the bow on launch day to start the craic agus ceol? Having followed the project on land throughout May, this is the first time the boats will take to the sea. This is a unique opportunity for you to get to launch one of these iconic traditional Irish currachs.

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